Dogs Looking For Fosters

Thank you for your interest in fostering.  Below is a spotlight of dogs that would benefit from a foster.  Please visit our list of adoptable dogs for the complete list.


Bella is a gorgeous border Collie mix who is very true to her breed. She is very smart girl who needs a family who will give her a “job”. She likes to stretch her legs and would do well in a home with a yard where she can run. She is very smart and picks up training quickly and would love to channel her border collie smarts in agility training. She does well with other dogs but is an alpha female so she would not do well in a home with another alpha female.

Bella is VERY energetic and will need someone to exercise her well, every day, in order to get her young, border collie energy out!  Bella is most certainly NOT a couch potato kind of dog!  Bella is affectionate and loves people. Click the photo to learn more.


Look at that grin! Hopper is super outgoing and agile. She may be a good candidate for agility training! She is great with people, kids and other dogs. Hopper loves life and wants to share it with her new family – you’ll be guaranteed to fall in love with her in no time flat!  Click the photo to learn more.


Sophie is an adorable little low rider who just wants to climb in your lap and get belly rubs. She loves attention and wants to be right next to you. Sophie is very sweet, gentle, and medium energy. She isn't destructive and seems to be house-trained. Although she likes to play and does fine with dogs who aren't too high energy, she'd prefer a home without too much commotion so not a home with very young children. This precious girl is really a people dog and would love to be snuggled up next to you on the sofa tonight!  Click the photo to learn more.


Elroy is a friendly and laid back sort of guy! He is gentle and affectionate, and just waiting to find the right family.  Click the photo to learn more.


Dusty is such a wonderful, sweet and friendly boy who loves everyone! He's happy and outgoing and loves to play with other dogs of all sizes. You can't help but smile when you meet him. Dusty does like to vocalize his feelings so apartment living would not be the best choice for this fella. He's got such an adorable personality! Can you be Dusty's second chance? Click the photo to learn more.