Dogs Looking For Fosters

Thank you for your interest in fostering.  Below is a spotlight of dogs that would benefit from a foster.  Please visit our list of adoptable dogs for the complete list.


Chance is a striking happy boy ready to play ball!  He would be a splendid family pet! Click the photo to learn more.


Camden is a very smart, very playful pup.  He loves to go for walks and play with tennis balls.  He also loves puzzles, squeaky toys and peanut butter filled Kongs.  He LOVES being around people.  He knows all of his basic commands such as sit, stay, down, touch (touches a hand with his nose), wait, watch me and leave it.  He still needs to be reminded to use his food manners sometimes, but it's difficult to ignore delicious things on the counter when you can see and smell them!  He definitely needs twice daily exercise and would do best in a home without small children as he tends to forget how big he is sometimes.  Due to his size he will need a large breed experienced owner. Click the photo to learn more.


Poor Luna was found roaming the streets of rural NC all by herself. She was taken to the shelter where no one came to claim her. She is a smart and beautiful shepherd mix. Luna loves to play, loves the water and is eager to learn. She can be selective about her doggy friends so she would need proper introductions to other doggie friends and family. Luna is very smart and learns quickly. She would make a great running partner. All she needs now is a forever family to share all of her love with.  Click the photo to learn more.


Tad is an adorable precious little lovebug. He's a perfect mix of playful pup and cuddly snuggler. He's so very sweet with people, very affectionate, and loves dogs of all sizes. This little guy is so charming and a complete joy to be around. He would make a terrific family dog. You will definitely fall for this sweetheart the moment you meet him. Click the photo to learn more.



Jasper was adopted from our rescue as a little pup and we thought he found his happily ever after. Sadly, after his older doggie sister passed away, Jasper started acting out and his family didn't feel like they can handle him and returned him to our rescue. Jasper is a very affectionate big guy who loves people and affection. He gets along well with other dogs if properly introduced, and is particularly in love with dominant female dogs who put him in place (like his older sister used to do). He is smart, and was crate and house crated in his previous home. He can however get overstimulated when he sees another dog on leash and become little leash iffy, so he will need an experienced handler who can redirect him effectively. Jasper is a smart, sweet, affectionate boy who really misses having a family and desperately needs one. Please consider providing this fully vetted, neutered cutie with a home. Click the photo to learn more.