Dogs Looking For Fosters

Thank you for your interest in fostering.  Below is a spotlight of dogs that would benefit from a foster.  Please visit our list of adoptable dogs for the complete list.


Sophia is a young and energetic girl who loves to play with other dogs. She is always the last one standing a game of tug. She would love an active foster who will provide her with structure and exercise. She tends to blow her adoption chances because she is too excited when she gets attention and consistency in a home would turn this diamond in a ruff into a diamond. Click the photo to learn more.  



Jake is a great guy who has been in our care for a really long time. He arrived with his brother who got adopted very fast but Jake is still waiting on his forever home. He is wonderful with people, and loves to snuggle, be petted and give kisses. He was heartworm positive when he arrived but was treated and is now good as new. Jake did great with his brother when he arrived, but a time in boarding kennel has taken its toll and he has been growly with other dogs as a result, he would do better off as only doggie. Click the photo to learn more.  


Brody was adopted from us as a little puppy but his new owner hasn't done any socialization and couldn't handle him once he became rambunctious at 7 months old. He has been back in our care for couple weeks now (as of late May) and has made huge progress though. He is very loving, likes to snuggle and gives kisses. He is slightly timid when meeting new people, but warms up super fast and loves attention. His owner returning him said he was hyper and mouthy, but when he gets enough walks and exercise, he is actually medium/high energy and pretty laid back for pup his age. When he arrived it was clear that he never interacted with other dogs in the 5 months in his 'home' but since then he has made a huge progress. He is in multiple dog play groups in our kennel and loves to romp around with other dogs. He still gets little timid when another dog plays rough with him, but will just cower a little bit. He ignores dogs on leash, unless you let him say hello in which case he is very polite. We hope that second time around, this boy will find the happily ever after that we promised him. Click the photo to learn more.