Often the word “rescue” is tossed around loosely like yesterday’s salad.  “Thank you for rescuing me from the boring meeting!” Or “Phew, I was rescued from that miserable date!” With K-9 Lifesavers, rescue truly means the difference between life and death.

Many of the dogs who we save on a daily basis come from horrid conditions with little chance for a future, and some of them are extreme cases. Our Critical Care Fund was established to save these precious souls.  Every dollar donated to our fund goes directly to the support of saving those who need extraordinary care, including some that require special medical treatments. Sometimes that means removing tumors, orthopedic surgeries, heartworm treatments, dental surgeries, critical care, and so much more. Every donation to our Critical Care fund is truly lifesaving – these innocent creatures would not survive without the procedures and services the fund is able to support. We cannot thank you enough for saving the lives of our Critical Care survivors – you are heroes!!

Needing Extraordinary Care: Baby Luke

Baby Luke is a baby who came with his mommy as a tiny baby from kill shelter. While all his siblings were thriving, Luke, the run of the litter, was having trouble getting enough nutrients and digesting his food. He had to be bottlefed around the clock and was still falling behind.  Finally, he started struggling to a point where we rushed him to our vet where he had to stay for several overnight visits, and transfusions. With proper medical care and dedicated foster, her bounced back and managed to catch up with his siblings. He is now healthy and happy little boy and we wouldn't trade the decision to save him for anything. However, sadly, we are now $2400 in medical bills that it took to cost to save his life. Please help us recover the cost so the next time we have another "Luke" we don't have to say no to saving them for lack of resources. Fundraising page link is: https://www.razoo.com/story/Vivi6f you can donate through our Paypal button located at the bottom of the page.

Needing Extraordinary Care: Clint and Kelly

Clint and Kelly are survivors. Couple weeks ago we were contacted by our local rescue partner about a litter of 3 puppies who were being potentially dumped into a high kill shelter. When our local rescuer went to pick them up, it became immediately clear that they were very sick. They were rushed to emergency vet in the area, and tested positive for parvo. Parvo is a deadly disease and without expensive medical care, puppies don't usually survive being infected. Sadly, after several days of hard battle, we lost Clint's and Kelly's sister, but these two fighters knew they can get a shot at better life if we can just get them to pull through. And so they fought for several days in the vet and pulled through and now received a completely clear bill of health. They are finally safely in our care and looking for their forever home from the safety of amazing foster home. We are so grateful that we were able to save these cuties but their medical expenses and prolonged stay at the vet added up to $1800.  This is a huge financial hit to the rescue. We would save them all over again, but we desperately need your help in covering their medical bills. Please help, every little bit counts!  Fundraising page link is: https://www.razoo.com/story/W4p05f you can donate through our Paypal button located at the bottom of the page.

Needing Extraordinary Care: Napoleon

Napoleon is a low-riding, happy to lucky guy who we saved from high kill shelter in Wise county. He arrived safely to our care, but we found out that he has heartworm. His treatment cost the rescue $600 and this is in addition to his regular vetting and neuter costs. Please help us offset the cost of his treatment, so we can save more dogs like him in the future. Fundraising page link is:  https://www.razoo.com/story/8d7gggor you can donate through our Paypal button located at the bottom of the page.

Needing Extraordinary Care: Remi

Remi came with Bean from hoarding situation. She is a young girl who is in a rough and emotional state. She has several ailments including mange which requires several expensive treatments, severe skin infection, parasites, worms and ear infections. She is undersocialized with people but not aggressive, and desperate to trust, but too terrified right now to even try. We found her a loving foster home, but desperately need to raise funds for several vet visits and expensive skin treatments that she will need to be safe and adoptable. Can you help us heal this girl? Fundraising page link is: https://www.razoo.com/story/Rbeljf you can donate through our Paypal button located at the bottom of the page.

Needing Extraordinary Care: Bean

Bean and Remi came from a hoarding situation where they were kept chained up with 60+ other dogs. Both of them are in rough physical shape and have mange, several types of parasites, and worms. Bean is under socialized but not aggressive, and seems to take comfort from being around other dogs. You can tell that he is desperate to trust people, but hasn't had lots of interaction with humans in the first two years of his life. We believe that he would blossom in loving foster home. We can get this guy healthy physically, but can you help us heal his soul? Fundraising page link is: https://www.razoo.com/story/Jslf3g you can donate through our Paypal button located at the bottom of the page.

Thank you for being a lifesaver!