Often the word “rescue” is tossed around loosely like yesterday’s salad.  “Thank you for rescuing me from the boring meeting!” Or “Phew, I was rescued from that miserable date!” With K-9 Lifesavers, rescue truly means the difference between life and death.

Many of the dogs who we save on a daily basis come from horrid conditions with little chance for a future, and some of them are extreme cases. Our Critical Care Fund was established to save these precious souls.  Every dollar donated to our fund goes directly to the support of saving those who need extraordinary care, including some that require special medical treatments. Sometimes that means removing tumors, orthopedic surgeries, heartworm treatments, dental surgeries, critical care, and so much more. Every donation to our Critical Care fund is truly lifesaving – these innocent creatures would not survive without the procedures and services the fund is able to support. We cannot thank you enough for saving the lives of our Critical Care survivors – you are heroes!!

Needing Extraordinary Care: Maximus

In early June, one of our partner shelters contacted K-9 Lifesavers about a mom and her puppies who were dumped in a rural area of North Carolina. Before local rescuers got to them, the mom and three of the four puppies passed away. However, one of the little 3-week old pups was a fighter and still holding on. The rescuers took him in and started bottle-feeding him, but it quickly became obvious that he needed urgent veterinary care. A K-9 Lifesavers volunteer met up with them on the Virginia border and rushed the puppy to our emergency vet where he received a blood transfusion and around the clock monitoring. We named him Maximus because this little boy is a fighter. Maximus hit a couple rough spots the first two days with us, but he’s pulled through each one, and now he’s thriving with care from surrogate human mommy who’s still bottle-feeding him around the clock. He’s just now starting to transition to solid food. We wouldn’t change a thing about our decision to save this little guy because a survivor like him deserves a chance, but several nights in emergency care, blood transfusions, all day and all night bottle-feeding, and transport add up to quite a big bill. K-9 Lifesavers welcomes any donation, no matter how small, to help offset the costs of Maximus’ care. Here is fundraising page link is: https://www.razoo.com/story/Pqvqbf or you can donate through our Paypal button located at the bottom of the page.

Needing Extraordinary Care:  Guinness

In early June, one of our partner shelters contacted us about a beautiful fluffy who was just surrendered to the shelter by his owner. Given that the shelter was overcrowded, there was no hold period on any dogs, and owner surrenders are automatically euthanized after 24 hours. We stepped up and got him to safety. Upon arrival, it became immediately apparent that he was struggling with both his breathing and with his vision in one of his eyes. We rushed him to hospital and found that he’d been shot multiple times in his face and his neck sometime in the last two weeks. It’s clear that someone tried to kill him before deciding to just dump him to shelter to finish the job. Guinness had emergency surgery and is recovering, but we’ve incurred an unexpected vet bill of $2,000 that we didn’t count on. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for always being there for our pups – for being Lifesavers! To donate to Guinness please click on his fundraising page: https://www.razoo.com/story/Y4643f or you can donate through our Paypal button located at the bottom of the page.

Needing Extraordinary Care: Roman

Roman is a tiny sweetheart who found himself in high kill shelter in Georgia. He made it safely to our care and he is looking for his furever home, but he has one more step to be truly “safe”. He is heart-worm positive, and will need an expensive heart-worm treatment to fully recover. We are desperately trying to raise money to get him treated. His pre-treatment is $50, actual treatment is $500 and post-treatment medication is $50. Please help us raise the funds. Please donate by clicking on his fundraising page link: https://www.razoo.com/story/Bxq5ff or you can donate through our PayPal button located at the bottom of the page.


No amount is too small, and every little bit counts. Rest assured that your donation will be used exclusively for these special cases and for no other purpose.


Thank you for being a lifesaver!